In English:

American Speech Language Hearing Association

provides educational information about aphasia and recovery, as well as links to the aphasia resources (e.g., aphasia software finder).



National Aphasia Association

offers great information to people with aphasia and their caregivers, including educational and therapy materials, a listing of aphasia centers and support groups, and aphasia stories.



Constant Therapy

is an award-winning cognitive, speech and language app, with the goal of helping individuals after stroke, aphasia, and other brain injuries. Constant Therapy exercises are delivered on tablets and mobile devices as an integral part of clinician-led therapy, or for use at home, in between clinical visits, and after discharge.



Tactus Therapy

was created by Megan Sutton, a Vancouver-based speech-language pathologist, to bring the latest technology and proven therapy methods to therapists and people with aphasia and other communication disorders. On the website, you can also find Megan’s blog which can be inspirational and interesting not only for speech-language pathologists, but also for families dealing with communication disorders (e.g., “The Truth about the Plateau in Stroke Recovery”,  “Word-Finding Strategies for Aphasia”).



In German:

Bundesverband Aphasie

provides comprehensive information and advice for people with aphasia and their families.  It has been delivering competent and innovative support for the rehabilitation of people with aphasia in Germany for almost 40 years.




is a speech therapy app for individuals with aphasia and acquired apraxia of speech.




In English:

Swallowing Disorders Foundation

provides education and support to those suffering from all types of swallowing disorders. While visiting this page, please make sure you read some of the patients’ stories and watch “Swallow: A documentary”.




is the number one-selling retail powdered food thickener in America. Today, the Thick-It brand has expanded to include delicious ready-to-drink beverages and ready-to-eat purees, designed to simplify your life by providing convenient and effective dysphagia nutrition solutions. On their webpage, you can also find recipes for modified diets.




is a website created by Karen Sheffler, CCC-SLP, BCS-S (Board Certified Specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders) that offers information on swallow and swallowing disorders for the clinicians and patients with dysphagia. Here is a link from Karen’s website to the oral care procedures that would be beneficial to all of the individuals suffering from swallowing difficulties.



In German:


is the medical division of Danone that offers a variety of diatary products to individuals with swallowing problems. The website also provides educational information and resources on dysphagia to patients and their families.



Geschmeidige Köstlichkeiten

offers a collection of dysphagia friendly recipes created by Claudia Braunstein, a tongue-cancer survivor.


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